Are you settling for “chump change” instead of earning a huge income – all because you’re living in fear of Internet technology? If that’s you – then you must read on….

Here’s The Closest Thing To A “Website In A Box” – The NO Hassle, NO Worry Way To Put Up A Website In Only Minutes, While Everyone Else Sits There Wondering What They’re Supposed To Do Next!

Here you go! Here are all the tools, the secrets, the info you need to put up your website in NO TIME AT ALL!

Best of all – you don’t have to know anything about technology, because if you can point – and click – you already have all the tools you need.

Imagine, putting up a website that will earn you scads of money – even if you’re nowhere near your computer. It’s true, and it’s easier than you think!...
It is NOT hard when you have the right tools.
It is NOT expensive when your tool does the hard work that usually costs a ton.
It is NOT frustrating when it "just works" and creates eye-popping websites in minutes.

No, you’re NOT imagining things. No, you’re not dreaming! It’ll all be clear ONCE YOU READ THIS PAGE.

So sit back, relax, and get ready to learn the secrets you’ve been searching for!

From: Jake Sligh

Dear Web Entrepreneur,

Come on, admit it – you’ve been longing to start your own moneymaking Internet empire, right?  

Of course you have! Who hasn’t!

Or maybe you’re one of those “almost” entrepreneurs, who tried to capture your share of the money but quit in frustration BEFORE you even launched your website. Is that you?

If it is, I completely understand!

That's why I created Easy Website Creator

And here’s the thing; it doesn’t matter whether you’re a “wannabe” Internet mogul – or you’re the one who tried and quit because all that techno-mumbo-jumbo scared the pants off of you.

And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got your site up and running, but instead of setting the world on fire, you’re just crawling along, making that “chump change” I spoke about earlier.

Whoever you are – whichever one of these folks I just described, Easy Website Creator can get your Internet empire up and rolling – in minutes, while making it wildly successful in the process! Let's take a look at some key factors...

Where Is The Economy Heading?

Even if you weren’t an economics or business major, you can see that the economy is at a level that rivals some the worst economic times in history. And if you’re like most people, you’re currently living in fear that your job could be the next one on the chopping block.

If that’s you - you’re probably looking to take control of your financial life – whether that means earning some extra money “just in case” – or maybe it’s time to secure your future with your OWN SOURCE OF INCOME. Something that won’t be subject to hearing those dreaded words, “sorry, we’re eliminating your job.”

And if you’ve already “Googled” “Internet Income Opportunities” – you’ve seen that there are about 20 zillion pages to look at. There’s simply no way to know up from down on this. Or sideways!

The only way to get past this much blue-sky hyperbole is through EXPERIENCE – experience I can offer you!

Why me? Fair questions. And here’s the answer: because I’ve been helping people become successful online using my products. Or, if they already were online in some business venture, I’ve made it easier for them to succeed. And I’ve been doing it for years.

Almost always, people venturing onto the Internet inevitably slam into that proverbial “brick wall” – at about 100 miles per hour – especially if they’re new to the Internet game, or aren’t technically savvy.

But look at what is possible for the people that can get over that wall...

Proof #1

An Automated
$1229.50 per week!


Proof #2

Another $120+
Every Single Day!


Hitting The Brick Wall SUCKS!

The formula is simple: you need to have a product to sell – something digital works well.

After you find that ideal product, you need to create professional level videos that look like Hollywood had a hand in their production. You’ll need some awesome graphics designed to dazzle the eye. And if you’re not a writer, you’d better go out and find one – and be prepared to pay. Plenty!

That’s what it takes to have a great product that sells.

Now, if you have unlimited funds and you’re willing to pay thousands and thousands of bucks to get all of this done, hey, lucky you! Go out and hire those folks, and hope they make you a winner.

But remember I said that “Hitting The Brick Wall SUCKS?” Well, the money for the creators is only part of the deal.

The other part is called “technical. That’s where most people raise their “white flags” and surrender. See, while an online business is a lot easier to create than a “brick and mortar” storefront, it still takes work – LOTS of work.

First of all, you need something called a “website.” Oh yea, a website!

Well, you know how to write HTML code, right? And you know that a web server isn’t someone who comes in a tuxedo carrying a tray of appetizers, don’t you? And remember those dazzling graphics you need? You can pump them out in Flash or Photoshop, right?

Oh, you can’t?

Well, you can write the copy for your sale pages that sings – that sells – can’t you?

Oops. If you can’t, I’m afraid you’ll be sitting there, staring at your screen, wishing you had someone to help you through the pain. But you simply have to have a website, so either you’d better start creating it – OR – hire a team who can do it.

Hope you have an adding machine, because you won’t be able to add those costs up in your head!

Here’s what you need:

Unlimited Time + Unlimited Funds

No matter what product you come up with, you’d better have thousands of bucks to pull it off on the Internet – because that’s what it takes. Let’s look an example – a basic eBook.

If you’re not an Ernest Hemmingway, you’d better hire someone to write it for you. And an average ghostwriter of eBooks will cost you several thousand bucks. Yep, a couple of grand to put together an eBook that has content that’s good enough to sell on the net.

Ka-ching! (That’s the sound of the cash register ringing)

Want some spectacular graphics for that eBook? Oh yes….you’ll need some book covers to put up on your sales page. So let’s add on about three- or four-hundred bucks for that one.


Anything else? Hang on!

Time is the big killer. Plan on a month to pull things together if you don’t know what you’re doing. Oh sure, you can hire someone to do it all, but there goes your inheritance.

Now, there are cheaper ways to set up a basic site. But remember, that’s just the beginning. You’ll need to put in an auto-responder so you can keep an ongoing email list for your new venture.


Oh, and you’ll need a payment processor. “What!?,” you say. Well, you want to take credit cards, don’t you? Sure you do. Trust me on that. And while integrating ClickBank isn’t that hard, if you’ve never done it before it’s going to feel like climbing Mr. Everest.

So add some more bucks for that one.


Now here’s something else to consider. Let’s say you get someone on your site, ready to make a purchase. You don’t just want to sell one item, do you? Nooooooo! You want to sell multiple items, so you’ll need AdSense, or other ads you place, CPA offers, up-sells, the list goes on an done. You’ll need some more $$$ for that.


And while I hate to bring this up again, you’re going to need a stellar copywriter to write that sales copy I talked about earlier. You’ve seen copy like that before – it literally pulled your wallet out of your pocket or purse and made you want to buy something on the spot.  You’ll need one of those great writers – unless of course you can do that yourself.  Thought so. Set aside some more bucks for that.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching! Ka-ching!

No Wonder People Don’t Bring That Up

You see, that explains why people who sell Internet business systems never bring these things up.

You don’t really expect them to tell you you’ll need an extra ten grand to pull it off, do you? And who would take that kind of risk? I don’t know about you, but in these economic times I’m not willing to risk ten thousand bucks to start an Internet business!

Some have spent that kind of money - make no mistake. And they ended up broke, or frustrated, or both.

Ok, now that you know all of this, you’re probably thinking, “staring an Internet business is NUTS!”

Wait. Wait. Wait.

It isn’t true. It isn’t nuts. But you need to have your ducks in a row before you can succeed.

Let’s Get Those Ducks Lined Up Now

First, you need to get rolling WITHOUT having a product. Why? Because coming up with one is really hard and REALLY expensive if you have to have someone else come up with it for you.

Next, you’ll need to put up a website – WITHOUT having someone else do it for you, or trying to survive the frustration of creating one yourself. Unless you’re very wealthy, count on ten grand for all the experts I told you about. You’ll need them! As for doing it on your own….

I’ve learned one key thing while creating products for people to sell: most people are simply too afraid of what it takes to set up an Internet business. They’d rather make a speech in front of 40,000 people than undertake setting up an Internet business. That’s why so many quit before they even start. Can you blame them?

But there is a better way.

There is hope for you yet.

And I’m going to share it with you. Now.

Introducing Easy Website Creator:

The Shortcut To Making Gobs of Money as An Affiliate Marketing Guru!

Easy Website Creator Cover

It’s the painless, foolproof way to set up your Internet dream. No fooling.

It solves two problems at one time: it uses a unique business model that lets you promote other people’s products for a share of the profits (yes, that’s affiliate marketing!) PLUS – it gives you your own products to sell. Second, it lets you create an incredible website as easily as it is to follow the instructions to warm up a cup of coffee in the microwave.

Before you roll your eyes or raise your eyebrow, put aside that skepticism. There’s no BS involved here. Honest. All you want to know is what Easy Website Creator does, how it does it, and whether or not it’s for you.

I’ll tell you. Honestly.

But what I won’t bother you with is one story after another; one testimonial after another telling you that you’ll be a billionaire if you use my product.

I’m above that. 

And frankly, I don’t know if you’re going to make a lot of money using my product. You probably will. Others have. But it’s really up to you.

Yes, Easy Website Creator is an amazing product. And it’s not just me saying that.

But the reason it’s a remarkable product is that it gets you past two key hurdles that marketers new to the Internet have to face. You won’t even know they’re there!

So, What Is Easy Website Creator?

I told you I’d tell you.

It includes software called Instant Site Launcher, plain and simple. It’s web-based software that you don’t even have to install on your computer!

Just log in, click and use. Easy as 1, 2, 3.

See, it’s not what it is…what is important to you is what it lets you DO.

And what it lets you do will blow your socks off!

Remember I mentioned, “affiliate marketing?” Well, here it is – plain and simple:

Someone else does all the hard work creating a product

You come in, promote that product on your own website, and send people on over to the product’s actual sales page through the “affiliate link”

When someone clicks YOUR link and buys the product, you’re going to get a commission for referring that person to the sale

It’s a remarkably simple Internet business model that works wonders. And creates wealth.

Ok, that takes care of part one – creating the product. You don’t have to!

But you still need to have your own website. (The one that could cost up to $10,000 to create) Not to mention all the time it’ll take if you try it on your own.

Forget it.

With Instant Site Launcher You’ll Have

Your Own Website In Less Than 30 Minutes

Listen, this is for real. Instant Site Launcher will create your own affiliate product promo websites for you.


Relax, I’m going to explain:  a product promo site is your very own website. It’s a website you own, you control and – if you’re successful, you’ll reap the rewards. The whole reason for this site is to promote one – or more – affiliate products. And Instant Site Launcher will let you create one of these sites as easy as you click to order something online. That fast. A few choices, a few options, a few clicks – and there’s your beautiful website – all ready to go.

Honestly, it’s that simple.

Even a two-year old can do it. Ok, maybe six or seven year old. Our “wizard” will guide you through all the options you need to create an entire website in about 15 to 30 minutes.

NO technical stuff. NO mumbo-jumbo to wade through. NO HTML. NO CSS Style sheets, NO nothing!

NO creating graphics for your site – the software does it all.

Just choose a site template, make some choices to configure the template, and you’re done. That’s it!

Let me walk you through an example, and you’ll see just how easy it is.

Suppose you want to promote some golf products. What would you need to do that?

Start with a landing page that would showcase several different products, some product reviews and a few recommendations. Or perhaps you want to choose a site that has review pages, as well as page with articles about different golf topics. 

No matter what kind of site you want, Instant Site Launcher takes care of business. You can choose the template you want. And, you’ll end up with all the other pages you need as well. So for every site you create, you’ll get:

Each Instant Site Launcher Website Includes:
A home page with an attractive layout and cool integrated graphics that make it look great
A sitemap page, which will make your site an excellent target for search engines like Google, and make your site easy for searchers to find
A privacy policy page to make the trade authorities happy that you’re handling people email addresses correctly
A terms of service page to give you some legal protection
And if you choose a template that has articles, you’ll also get article pages to help you target keywords in your chosen niche

Know what that adds up to? A complete website, that’s what!

And what did you do besides look, choose, point and click? Nothing!

There’s more! Because with Instant Site Launcher you can create UNLIMITED sites. Yes, you read it right – unlimited! There are in fact templates that allow for the ongoing, unlimited use of Instant Site Launcher.  Think what that can do for your income potential!

Here’s something else to think about…

In The Time It Takes To Watch Your Favorite Show,

You Can Create Your Own Professional Website

And that’s without knowing squat about technical stuff. There is nothing you have to know about websites, product promotion – the whole nine yards.

Because the software takes care of everything, and pumps out a brand new, professional website that will promote the product of your choice, two products of your choice – or as many products of your choice that you want!

And I’m talking about products that are moneymakers in all the hot product niches, like:

-> Dating
-> Golf
-> Internet Marketing
-> Dog Training
-> Weight Loss
-> World of Warcraft
-> And much, MUCH more...


Plus you can forget about having to know FTP or getting things on your web server (you know what that is, don’t you?) or any of the techno stuff. The software handles it all! Just provide the FTP login info from your web hosting company and the software will load the files automatically. Wow!

What Techno Stuff Do You Need To Know?

Zilch! Zip! Nada!

Your website is taken care of. But there are several things apart from your website that you’ll need in order to run a successful Internet marketing business. Like an autoresponder, to manage your subscriber list, for example.

Not to worry! Why? Because the Instant Site Launcher wizard will walk you through everything, and recommend the best tools to use every time you need one.

Why take our word for it? Because we have many years of experience behind every recommendation we make.

And yes, when you take on of our recommendations and sign up for one of those services through one of our links, we will get a commission for promoting that product. We’re an affiliate, after all.

I just wanted to be up front about it – and tell you in advance. And frankly, I’ve been preaching that Internet affiliate marketing is a great business model, so I’m just practicing what I’ve been preaching! But let’s be realistic – I’m not recommending something to get a commission; after all, I want you to LOVE Instant Site Launcher, so I’m only going to recommend the best of the best.

Here’s something else to consider:

Every Site You Create Will Be Fully FTC Compliant

(No Legal Worries For You!)

Yes, there are new rules to worry about from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission. In fact, they have some people wondering if Internet marketing is history.

NOT! You just need to be up front when you promote a product as an affiliate – like I just did a minute ago. That’s all there is to it. All the FTC wants is for you to be honest when you’re promoting a product; we make that easy for you!

You’ll be fully disclosing all of your affiliate links, so you’ll be compliant with all FTC regs, including the new ones.

So Let’s Take Another Look At What You Get

You’ll have FULL ACCESS to the Instant Site Launcher software that takes you through an easy-to-use wizard to create eye-popping, beautifully designed websites in minutes.

And you will jump over the two biggest hurdles that stop most people when they’re trying to start an Internet business:

You won’t have to create your own product, because you’ll be promoting affiliate products that already exist – and sell like hotcakes!

Plus, you won’t have to stumble through the website creation process, because we make it point and click easy to generate your very own website – a website anyone would be proud to call their own – in just 15 to 30 minutes time!

Consider it a website empire in the making – in a box!

Traffic, Traffic, Traffic

Want so much traffic on your website you’ll need a cop to direct it?

No problem!

We understand that traffic can make the difference between success and failure on the Internet.

No matter what you put up – if nobody sees it, nobody makes any money. Sorry, but that’s just the way it is.

Now, before you think that Instant Site Launcher is only good for building your beautiful website, think again. Because we’re not going to take you halfway down the pike – and ask you to get out and walk.

No, you’ll get a step-by-step video that offers you guidance on all the free and paid traffic generating methods out there – the top methods that’ll be sending scores of traffic to your websites.

I Know You’re Wondering ---

How Much?

Remember we said “no promises on making you wealthy?” Well, that still goes. But – let’s look at some numbers, and you don’t have to be a math wizard to follow along…

Let’s say you use Instant Site Launcher to set up a single website, promoting just one product.

Now, if 100 visitors come to your site using the traffic-generating techniques we’ll give you, and only ONE buys the product you’re recommending, you’ll have one affiliate sale every day.

Now, suppose you get a $25 commission for that sale. That’s a $25 profit per day. No promises – because we have no idea what you’re going to do with Instant Site Launcher. But using our example of just one sale a day, you’ll be pulling down an extra NINE THOUSAND DOLLARS next year – with no effort. How would that impact your financial tough times?

Thought so.

Now, let’s say you do that with 10 websites – or maybe more. Add it up: Ninety Thousand Bucks! Say “adios” to your current boss. Give him a kiss for me!

So with that potential, you’d probably think I’m going to be charging $2997 for this. Even if I did, it would be a bargain! You would gladly pay more for that just for the copy on one single website – but you’ll be getting unlimited usage!

Forget paying $2997. Forget paying $997, although that’s easily what you’d pay someone to create an entire review site.

I’m only charging you $33/month for complete access to Easy Website Creator. Create a range of professional websites, including review sites, CPA offers and squeeze pages – all in about one hour – WITH ZERO TECHNICAL KNOWLEDGE ON YOUR END.

You’re Going To Love Easy Website Creator

Just As Much As I Do

I know how great Easy Website Creator is. After all, I created it! And once you use it, you’ll be as confident in this product as I am!

Even if we charged you five times what we’re asking, it would be every cent. But just to convince you we’re serious about our product, we’re offering you our incredible,

Auto Launch Your Profits, Or Rob Me Blind Guarantee!

GuaranteeUse Easy Website Creator at no risk to you for a full 30 days. And I mean USE IT!

Put it through its paces. Create websites; generate traffic – as many sites as you want. And guess what – any profits you make – are YOURS TO KEEP!

Within 30 days from now if you’re not happy, hey, just say so and I’ll give you back all your money – no questions asked. That’s NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 


You have nothing to lose, and an awful lot to gain!

Ok, here’s all you need to do:

YES! I Want Easy Website Creator!

Get complete access to everything immediately for easy payments of $33 per month.

And hurry, because this price is going up due to such HIGH DEMAND of this product.

You'll get full access to the Instant Site Launcher software, the templates for your sites, and every last bit of the training (and traffic help) you need.

What are you waiting for?  There’s money to be made!

Wishing you much success building your new Internet Empire,

Jake Sligh


P.S. A product like Easy Website Creator only comes along once in a great while. It’s yours to grab and use to make the money you’ve only dreamed of. The entire package is the easiest way to get your OWN affiliate marketing empire up and running – in far less time than it would take any other way. Point. Click Succeed. Go for it!



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